Welcome to Avon Dog Services Now that you've found us, spend a while on our site getting to know us
Welcome to Avon Dog Services Now that you've found us,spend a while on our sitegetting to know us

About us

Avon Dog Services is owned and operated by me, Adam Daines, and dedicated members of staff that have been carefully chosen by me over the years.


I've been fascinated by dogs and dog training since I was young. My job is not something I fell into, or started because I fancied a change. I've been doing what I love since I left school and I'm incredibly passionate about my chosen career


After buying our first family dog at the age of 14, we enrolled for puppy socialisation class. It was here that I was instantly hooked. After reading all the literature available at the time I wanted to further my knowledge in the dog training field.


In 2000 I attended Houghall College (Durham) where I obtained a National Diploma in Animal Management & Behaviour. Wanting to develop my skills further, I enrolled at Bishop Burton College in association with Hull University. I graduated in 2004 with a Foundation Degree in Animal Behaviour and then furthered my qualifications to obtain a full BSc Degree in Applied Animal Behaviour & Training.


As continued professional development, I’m now a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, A full member of  Victoria Stillwell Positively Dog Training and a Registered Animal Training Instructor with Animal Behaviour and Training Council


meet the Team

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Matt Donovan


Dogs have always been a part of my life. Having been brought up in a household with dogs I have experienced first hand the positive impact being around dogs can have. I have a passion for supporting families build successful relationships with dogs with positive training being at the heart of it. I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and continue my continual professional development to be able to provide high quality training.

Tamara Getter


I first got in to dog training when I was a teenager, having taken my dog to classes. I have a passion for positive dog training and find it rewarding to see people build the bond between themselves and their dog. I have a ridgeback which i enjoy taking part in training and enrichment activities with. I am currently completing the Canine Coach Diploma with Canine Principles. 

Rozzie Sutton

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