Puppy Training


Puppy training ensures you and your pup get off to a flying start. To give your puppy the best start in life it is essential to give it the correct social skills to help it become a well balanced dog...Read more

One-to-One Training


One to One dog training is an ideal way to work with your dog(s) in the comfort and safety of your own surroundings...read more

Behavioural Corrections


All behavioural corrections or alterations are undertaken after a full veterinary check has been made to make sure there are no underlying health issues affecting your dog’s behaviour...read more

Basic Training


Whether you have a need to get back on track with your training, or you’re taking a dog on from rescue kennels or dog foster homes, Basic training can be very beneficial. Not only does it strengthen the bond between dog and owner, but it helps to enjoy living with your dog...read more

Training Walks


Training walks are an ideal way to make ‘walkies’ more interesting. Let’s face it, there are always times when you think “same route, same time, different day!” Why not use a training walk to add some fun into your routine walks...read more

First Timers


Want a new puppy but not sure where to start? Thinking of giving a rescue dog a second chance in life? Chances are you’ve already got a few concerns. Can I provide a good home? Will it fit in with our way of life? What if it becomes too much of a handful?...read more

Life Skills Training Classes 


Life skills training courses run on Saturdays in Twerton Village Hall, Bath. Classes are aimed at all breeds of dog at various levels of training and age. Please view the book online page for upcoming course dates.



Sessions focussing on building the bond between dog and owner, growing the dogs confidence of using agility equipment and providing a relaxed, enjoyable experience for both. Inclusing sessions for adult dogs, puppies (aged 6-12 months) and junior handlers... Read more