Basic training


Whether you have a need to get back on track with your training, or you’re taking a dog on from rescue kennels or dog foster homes, Basic training can be very beneficial. Not only does it strengthen the bond between dog and owner, but it helps to enjoy living with your dog, confident in the knowledge that you can take your dog anywhere and that it will behave in an appropriate manner.


Most of us, at one stage or another, have been guilty of talking to our dogs, even though they can’t understand us! Why not use words which they can understand? With a step by step approach you can achieve basic commands which suit both you and your dog with the help of Avon Dog Services.


Basic training includes the following:


Sit, lie down, learning to wait at roadsides, learning the stay in one place, coming back when called, loose lead walking, control at entrances and exits and control around visitors entering the house.


Please note this is not an exhaustive list of basic commands. To find out if your issues fall under basic training, get in touch