Behavioural Corrections

My work and qualifications are recognised by leading pet insurers, which means any behavioural work carried out may be reclaimed on your insurance policy under 'complimentary therapy/treatment'. Please check with your insurers before contacting me to make sure you are covered for such work.

Veterinary Referral Form
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All behavioural corrections or alterations are undertaken after a full veterinary check has been made to make sure there are no underlying health issues affecting your dog’s behaviour.


Once your dog has the all clear from the vet, an initial consultation will be made to ascertain the behaviours which need modifying. The consultation, which includes training, lasts up to an hour and a half to find the root cause of the unwanted behaviour. During which time, a full behavioural development programme will be implemented with training given during the session, which is included in the fee.

To learn more, or to arrange a behavioural consultation, get in touch.