Don't just take my word for the work I carry out. Here are just a few messages from the happy owners I've worked with.


I was having some problems with my young Border Collie Daisy, when a friend

recommended Adam to me. The problems were pulling on the lead and she had a tendency to mouth my shoes at certain times when we were walking. Daisy and I had some one to one training with Adam and I was amazed how quickly Adam was able to turn things around. What really impressed me was the level of kindness that Adam showed toward my dog and how calm he was, and this reflected in how my dog behaved, as she was clearly enjoying the challenge of the learning experience. Adam also helped me by explaining aspects of my dogs behavior. A Police Dog Handler once told me that dogs do things for two reasons, food and play. What the handler didn’t mention of course was praise, and with Daisy, Adam seemed to have the right balance of reward, so that Daisy

was very motivated to learn and to please. So just as my friend did for me, I have no hesitation is recommending Adam to anyone in need of help with their dog.

Mark Minkler veterinary Surgeon MRCVS


Jenson my Labrador has been going to day care with Adam for almost a year now. Adam and his team at the site have been fantastic with Jenson, he loves going to day care. He always comes home tired and happy. I never have to worry about leaving him as I know he is in safe hands and is well looked after.
Jenson has some behavioural issues, Adam has done 1-2-1 training sessions with us. He has taught us to use a clicker with Jenson, he has taught us to use it to help shape behaviours and also taught us to read Jenson's body language so that we can stop issues before they happen. Adam has been very supportive and calm with us and Jenson. He has taken a real genuine interest in how Jenson is improving. Jenson has improved and walks are now not as stressful as they used to be. With Adam's help and support Jenson continues to improve every day.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Adam for training or Adam and his team for day care.
Thank you so much for all your help
Joanne and James.


We own a five year old Jack Russell who we adopted recently. She proved to be very 'feisty' around other dogs, so we turned to Adam for help. He proved to be exceptionally good at diagnosing her problems and setting them to rites, so much so, that in a very short time the improvement were so marked that she is now a joy to own. I can unhesitantly recommend Adam, he is very professional, helpful and patient.


Wendy & Ronald Billett


Adam has been working with the family's 3 dogs, a Beauceron, Victorian Bulldog and a Labradoodle for several months. Each dog presented significant challenges and were difficult to manage for the family. With Adam's expert help and advice the dogs are now very much more in control and we have all been taught well on all the strategies required for handling each dog. Most importantly, Adam has worked brilliantly with our special needs son and his Labradoodle puppy. Adam's patient, calm and relaxed manner has been very successful in meeting goals and helping our son to train his puppy. Each time Adam comes to the house he is met with a huge spontaneous welcome from the dogs as they know they are in for a good time, with lots of praise and enjoyable positive training sessions. Without any hesitation we recommend Adam for dog training.


Christine Newall

I contacted Adam because Clover barked at other dogs when they came anywhere near her & I also thought she was becoming aggressive. She had other issues as well, such as pulling on the lead & I could not take her to be clipped because she didn’t like the hair dryer. When I contacted Adam he spent most of an afternoon with us so he could see Clover’s behaviour for his self and to see how we as a family interacted with Clover. He taught us how we should walk and command Clover to do what we wanted and how to help her over her fear of the hair dryer. With regards to her barking at other dogs it turned out that it wasn’t aggression but her way of warning other dogs to stay away from her and not to enter ‘her space’. He taught us how to help her interact with other dogs and encourage her to be friendly towards other dogs. I have found since using the skills that Adam taught us, her and us, are a lot happier family.

Thank you,


I asked Adam to come and observe Bruno, our Border Collie, and me as Bruno started barking and sometimes even snapping at dogs, joggers, prams, cycles, suitcases, you name it he barked at it. I needed some guidance and reassurance how to handle these situations without fuelling Bruno’s peculiar behaviour. Adam spent a couple of hours with us and was very approachable. I was a bit worried that I would be judged as a bad dog owner but Adam was fantastic putting Bruno and me at ease within a few minutes of coming into our home. After the initial assessment we went straight for a walk in town and after Adam showed me how to control situations, Bruno did not even attempt to bark at anything he normally would have barked at. I could read his body language and distract him before he could start barking. Adam left us with an easy to follow action plan and an already much improved Bruno. Thank you so much for your help.

Kerstin Schmidtke


I was having problems with my dog Dottie who I thought was developing an aggression problem and also problems taking her friends toys/bones. Adam came round and gave me lots of useful information on how I can improve Dotties behaviour. He also informed me about the importance of Dotties food and showed me I was feeding her too much protein, which I have now cut back on and feed her James Wellbeloved as Adam advised. It was very reassuring to have a professional come to my house and be able to sit down and have a one to one with. Adam filled me with reassurance by showing me all the things my dog can do and how I go about doing it. I found Adam to be friendly and professional and would definitely recommend Avon Dog Services to anyone who has issues and problems with their dogs that they want sorting out.


Many Thanks,


I got in touch with Adam when my 8 month old pup Lola was becoming a real challenge to take out on walks. Lola is very strong and pulled constantly on the lead, she is a dog with an independent nature and I had accepted recall to be an absolute no go where Lola was concerned. She was very adverse to getting in the car and she would shy away from it and had developed a fear of the laminate flooring in my sitting room and would avoid walking on it even to the point of getting on the sofa backwards. Since Adam's training sessions Lola she is now walking really well on lead, I can let her off the lead in the field and she responds to the recall command. Adam taught me how to encourage Lola to get over the fear of getting in the car and walking on the laminate flooring. I have found the techniques Adam showed us were very easy for me and Lola to grasp and have proven to be very effective in a very short space of time. Walks are a lot more fun for both me and Lola.

Thank you so much, Nancy