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Please note agility courses run at a venue in Stratton-on-the-Fosse


There's a class for everyone


At Avon Dog Services Agility we have a range of classes to suit everyone - whether you have a 6 month old puppy or an adult dog. We also offer Junior Handler sessions for young people aged 7-15 years.


Our classes are open to people and dogs of all abilities, we are focussed on fun, social agility rather than competitive training.



6 Week Courses


These 6 week agility courses focus on building the bond between dog and owner, growing the dogs confidence of using agility equipment and providing a relaxed, enjoyable experience for both.

Classes will consist of running whole courses, incorporating several pieces of equipment, as well as working on shorter sequences designed to aid progression, whilst always meeting the dogs' individual needs.

Upon completion of the course the handler and dog will receive a certificate and will be welcome to attend future courses. All courses are mixed ability and we tailor what we ask each dog to do depending on their experience.


Puppy Agility (6-12 months)


In these sessions you and your young dog will be introduced to the very first steps of Agility. We will spend time helping your dog to understand how thier body works, working on different pieces of equipment and building foundations to help them take part in agility safely as they get older.


Junior Handler Sessions (7-15 years)


Agility is a great fun way to build a loving bond between young people and their dogs. These sessions help the handlers understand how to positively train dogs in a fun and interactive way, whilst learning the skills to complete agility courses.


One-to-One Sessions


Perfect for those who feel their dog needs extra support or who would work better in a one-to-one environment rather than a group setting. Also suitable for those who would like to work more in depth on a specific piece of equipment/area of agility that is covered in the 6 week courses.


All sessions can be booked online, however if you would like to book a one-to-one please contact us.


Extra Information

Dogs must be over 1 year old to take part in agility classes, aside from Puppy agility where they need to be aged 6-12 months (or up to 18 months for large breeds), as well as being medically fit - if your dog has a medical condition but your vet confirms it is safe for them to take part in agility we will need a note from the vet to confirm this.


These agility classes are not suitable for dogs with agressive tendancies towards people or dogs, however if you wish to take part in agility and you feel your dog may need extra one-to-one support please contact us and we can arrange a one-to-one session.


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