behavioural alterations

Behavioural alterations are perfect for people looking to help their dog through any issues they may have, in an environment the dog is comfortable with. Some behaviours that dogs display can make your life with them a little testing at times, and even quite stressful. Our aim is to give you information and understanding as to why your dog shows unwanted behaviours in the first place, and then look to get you back to on track living in perfect partnership.


Some of the behaviours that fall under behavioural alterations are as follows:

Dog to dog aggression

Dog to human aggression

Separation anxiety

Traffic chasing

Stress inducing vet visits

Vehicle travel anxiety.


Please note, this is not an exhaustive list, if you have any queries, feel free to get in touch


All behavioural alterations are undertaken after a full veterinary check has been made to make sure there are no underlying health issues affecting your dog’s behaviour. We work closely with your referring vet to make sure we pick the correct route of training.


Once your dog has the all clear from the vet, an initial consultation will be made to ascertain the behaviours which need modifying.


To learn more, or to arrange a behavioural consultation, get in touch


My work and qualifications are recognised by some leading pet insurers, which means any behavioural work carried out may be reclaimed on your insurance policy under 'complimentary therapy/treatment'. If you are planning to recaim the cost through your insurer, please check with them first to make sure you are covered for such work.


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