Puppy Package



You've either finally made the decision that a puppy would be a perfect addition you your family, or you've already received your little bundle of fur. But now what?


There's a lot to do to get ready for a new arrival, and even when your puppy does arrive, it can be a bit of a shock to the system! 


Our Puppy Package is the perfect start for your four-legged family member. Our specialist puppy trainer, Claire, will take you through everything you need to integrate your puppy into your household as well as provide in-person, online and phone support throughout your training. 



If you haven't yet got your puppy, your first online consultation will help assist you in choosing the right breed to suit your lifestyle, as well as helping to find a responsible breeder. Even if you have a puppy picked out, this session gives Claire a chance to prepare you for the moment your dog comes home with you via information on items to buys, puppy proofing your house, rest areas, food & feeding guides and daily routines.


If you already have the dog at this point, you'll receive an online presentation on enrichment ideas, suitable toys, suitable chews and games to play, as well as help on settling the dog in during the first couple of weeks






Puppy handout pack


Enrichment exercises and brain games (recording)


1 x 1 hour online consultation - Includes video tutorials


4 x 1 hour in-person lessons - Includes video tutorials


1 x 1 hour online training session (between in-person sessions) - Includes video tutorials


Training plan updated after each session


Socialisation checklist - the do's and dont's


Puppy hotline - access to your trainer during work hours to help with any questions and training techniques.


20 minute mid-week follow up call 


Training treat pouch
2 x clickers
High quality training treat



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