Solo dog walks

Leaving your dog alone for long periods of time can leave you worrying if they're ok, if they're bored, whether they're becoming distressed or destructive. Our solo dog walking service takes away all that worry, and gives your dog all the attention it needs to keep them happy and relaxed.


Walks are held by one of our trusted team of dog training instructors, which means your dog isn't just exercised, we also help train the dogs whilst out on walks too. Training offered on walks is the equivolent of our lifeskills level 1. Loose lead walking, recall, leaving unwanted items etc. 


Solo dog walks are great for a number of reasons. It allows your dog to work their pace, gives your dog undivided attention, great for dogs who find group dog walk over-stimulating and helps to keep their training routine in place 


 If you're currently on a training programme with us, this helps to keep your dog in a happy routine.



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