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Dalmatian Dog
A practical guide to helping your dog acclimatise to life with a new-born baby

Welcome to Pooch-Perfect Pregnancy!

Firstly, congratulations! If you've found this course, that means you're either pregnant, or in the exciting stages of planning for a baby! It also means that you're a dedicated dog guardian and want to do what's best for your dog before your baby comes along.

The Pooch-Perfect course will give you everything you need to give you and your dog the skills needed to adapt to life with a new-born baby.

Pooch-Perfect Pregnancy has been tested under fire!  Your Trainers Adam and Claire will take you through the exercise, methods and techniques they used to prepare their dogs for their new arrivals!  They’ve also added some new material based on their experiences during the 9 months and after.  Watch how Claire’s bump is there in some videos and gone in others! 

Each video tutorial will show you how the exercise looks, how it works and why it's important. 

Enjoy yourself, have fun with your dog, and well done! You’ve made a sound investment for your dog in researching ways to help them and your new family’s happiness over the years to come!

  • £49.99

  • 80 lessons

  • 3.5 hours of video content


find out more and enrol here 

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