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Our group dog training classes are structured training sessions that are conducted in a group setting, with no more than 6 dogs per class.

Puppy lifeskills classes are specifically tailored for young puppies. These classes focus on teaching your dog how to cope in a human world, and addressing common puppy behaviours such as chewing, house training, and biting. Puppy lifeskills classes provide a foundation for further training and help puppies develop good manners and behaviours as they grow.

Our Lifeskills bronze, silver, and gold classes are progressive training programs that build upon the skills learned in the basic puppy classes. These classes are suitable for dogs of all ages and focus on advancing your training skills, improving impulse control, and refining behaviour in various real-life situations. The bronze level typically covers basic manners, while silver and gold levels introduce more advanced cues and challenging exercises.

Wildcard classes are additional training sessions that cover specific topics or skills not covered in the standard curriculum. These classes vary in content week on week and can include activities like agility training, trick training, scent work, or specialised skills, which all have a practical application. Wildcard classes offer opportunities for dogs and their owners to explore new training areas or focus on specific areas of interest or need.

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